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The Waffle Den

I am not sure how to begin this post because there is no way I can possibly tell you how much I love this place. When I first moved here my bff and I were looking for a good breakfast place to eat since I hadn’t been to the grocery store yet. Thank heavens for Yelp! because it took us to THE WAFFLE DEN! The hubbs and I now go before church every Sunday we are in town.


The Experience: When we pulled up I was so excited because it was connected to a gas station. My experiences have shown me that places connected to a gas station are either nasty and you should never even breath in it or it is some of the best food and the nicest people you will ever meet. This place is the latter. After walking in you are greeted by the owner who is happy, friendly, and kind. The place is small, simple, and clean. There are multiple menus on the wall and a board with specials. Check the specials.


Essentially you can get any waffle you could ever want in the world. According to a sign in the store, there are over 50 kinds. I have not counted them but I believe it. You head up to the counter and place your order. Make sure you order some chicken. You have to or you are missing out on the best chicken and waffles ever.  All of the workers are friendly and prompt and will help you quickly. The drink options are coffee, tea, water, lemon-aid, kool-aid. I have seen many people walk into the gas station and pick up a different drink and bring it over if those options aren’t your thing. You will then find your seat and try not to drool all over the table while you wait for your food. It could take a couple minutes to get the food out because they are hand-breading and frying the chicken before your eyes. They will then call your name out and bring you the glorious food.


It comes on a paper plate with plastic utensils. The key at this point is to not scarf down the amazing food, but take your time and savor the flavor combination and the wonder of the sweet waffle with the perfectly fried chicken. If anyone masters this, please let me know how you do it. When finished eating, you throw your own trash away in the big trash can by the door. You then thank the workers for giving you the gift of delicious chicken and waffles and plan your next trip there.


Waffles I have tried and LOVED: 

  • sweet potato waffle with chocolate chips
  • original waffle with chocolate chips
  • peach crisp
  • red velvet
  • strawberry (not my favorite, but still delicious)
  • Jason also tried the original waffle with the chicken fried steak and egg–DELICIOUS

Moral of the story: Go to waffle den. Now. Let me know what kind you try and how you like it!

PS. you can also order ahead, take it to go, or use the drive thru


*a few of these pictures were taken from The Waffle Den facebook page. Check it out!


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