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Platoon Cookout

fullsizerender-17This weekend I had my first officer-wifee hosting duty. The hubbs is moving from Platoon Leader to a new position, so he wanted to have a big cookout to say goodbye to his guys. Thankfully, my parents have 10 acres of land with a fully-stocked pond about 40 minutes away. We made it BYOB and BYOM(eat) because the thought of figuring out how much meat 16 army males would eat and how much that would cost is nothing short of terrifying. We bought a bunch of bags of chips and 5 different dips (H-E-B Jalapeno dip is amazing, FYI), homemade sweet tea, lots of ice, music, and the puppies. A couple of the wives brought some pasta salad, a veggie tray, and a pie. Thank goodness for females because the boys brought nothing but meat and beer. No joke.


The festivities began with a few groups breaking off. We had one family of fishers that caught upwards of 30 fish in less than an hour. The 3 year old caught the biggest fish, although I’m not sure her dad would admit it. The person who owned the house before my parents were avid fishers, so they stocked the pond for their private use. It’s been many years now so some of the fish are pretty big.


Of course when you get a group of army guys together, there has to be some shooting. They had multiple shotguns, clays, and a lot of competition. The dog may be by them now, but within 20 seconds both pups were hiding in the house. They had 3 clay throwers so there were lots of shots fired and a lot of laughs to go along with the smack talking.

The weather was perfect the entire evening. The kids had fun, the adults had fun, the puppies had fun. This may be the puppies favorite place in the world because they get to get in the water, chase the llama, donkey, and sheep, and get lots of loving from all the people. All in all, I think I was successful in my first hosting event. The puppies got nasty dirty in the pond and mud and are now upset that they have to take a bath. Have any of you had a great cookout or event and have any tips for me? Let me know!




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