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My husband and I got married almost 15 months ago and have only lived together for about 2.5 of those. When we got married, we knew Jason was going to be deploying in just a couple months, so we had to make a choice about my living situation. We decided that I would stay in Lubbock to be around my wonderful friends and keep my perfect job. Thankfully, we were only about 5 hours away from each other so we did weekends back and forth. I was so thankful that Jason supported the plan for me to stay “home” because having my support system with me during his deployment is what got me through it. Deployment is hard. Period. But I will save that for another post.


This post is about how we did not get to spend our anniversary together because of said deployment.The cake company we used for our wedding cake does this amazing deal where they make you an “anniversary cake” that is a replica of the top layer of your wedding cake on your first anniversary so you do not have to freeze the cake to eat. Classic Cakes by Lori (in Dripping Springs, TX) was wonderfully kind and allowed us to delay our anniversary cake until Jason got back from his deployment. So, this weekend we went to pick up the cake and had a mini-celebration of our pseudo-anniversary. We broke open a bottle of wine that everyone had signed at our rehearsal dinner. By broke in, I mean literally broke because I accidentally dropped it and it shattered all over the floor. 😦 It was pretty heartbreaking. So after we spent 20 minutes cleaning up all of the glass and wine, we opened another bottle of wine and cut into our delicious cake. We put on our wedding video and smiled remembering that perfect day. It was a wonderful evening and such a great way to celebrate a year (and some change) of marriage.


Looking back at what marriage has been to me thus far, communication has been the biggest key. Surprise surprise. When you are long distance, the only thing to do is talk and text. When you are 15-hour-time-difference long distance, some texts and an occasional call is all you get. From goodbyes to homecoming and all of the adventures in between-cheers to many more years of marriage!


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