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‘Tis the Season!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! November begins my favorite season of the year: my birthday and Christmas. The first 23 days of November are dedicated to celebrating my birthday, then the switch happens to celebrate joy, hope, peace, and love. Jesus was born and lived a perfect life only to die on a cross in order to save you and me. How insane is that?! We are loved and accepted by an all powerful God who knows every single thing about us. What a wonderful thing to celebrate!


So first things first, decorating! We decided to do a live tree this year so we don’t have to move a tree with each move. So we took a trip to pick up our tree from the store and my hunky husband carried that sucker to the car while I admired (and took pictures).  I just love the look of a Christmas tree being carried by my hottiebombolattie. We got back to the house and the dogs had to do their inspection of this foreign object to make sure it is not evil and will be allowed in the house.

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Then the decorating and hot cocoa drinking began. We had a couple mishaps with lights…I got 2 different stands, then did not have enough…thankfully Target is right across the highway so we can make quick trips there. We had Julie Andrews Christmas album on the record player which means nobody is allowed to be in a bad mood because it is impossible to be in a bad mood when Julie Andrews is singing. When the tree was complete, the pictures were attempted. Thankfully we have a GoPro that we can pull pictures from videos so we have better luck at getting the puppies to actually be in the picture. We obviously did not have much success because Sabot and Tonks don’t look straight unless someone is holding a treat in front of them.


I then spent a few hours the next day putting up lights on the front of the house by myself because my husband “works” or something so he couldn’t get it done before it got dark outside and I was not okay waiting until the weekend for the lights to be up.

Sweaters, beanies, hot cocoa, Christmas music and movies, snuggles by the tree, and feeling the joy and peace that Jesus’s birth brings us-what time of year is better than that? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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