Hiatus and Block Leave

I have had a few weeks of hiatus on the blog because I have been enjoying time with Jason during his block leave. Army vacation happens during what they call “block leave” which is when they get a couple weeks to vacation and hang out with their families. The training cycle is set up for the year, so random vacations are not usually possible. We took advantage of this time to spend time together and enjoy the holidays. First day on leave, we went to see Star Wars Rogue One and it was GREAT! I thought it did a great job of filling in some holes between episodes 3 and 4 and the lead role was fantastic.

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We then spent Christmas with my family at my brother’s house. I got to make Christmas cookies and decorate them with my mom and grandma which was so much fun. We took family pictures which is always a….fun experience. Getting that many people to cooperate takes time, but went smoothly. After Santa gave us way too much, J spent 8 hours helping my 5 year old cousin build his first Star Wars lego set (womb fire) and we had delicious food. What better way to celebrate the birth of our Savior than with family and good food?

We had the joy of attending a couple sporting events over the break. First we saw University of Arizona basketball. One thing you need to know about my family is we are HUGE wildcat fans. My dad is an alumni and we still have a lot of family living in Tucson. They beat Texas A&M, so the win was even sweeter for me being a Texas Tech alumni. We also got to see Army football win a bowl game! One of J’s tanks was on display, so it was cool getting to show the family his tank and he was interviewed and on facebook. Both games were such a great experience and our team won both time!


My BFF came into town with my puppies best puppy friend. We just hung out and enjoyed not doing much. I finished my 1000 miles and we raised over $5500 to go towards the Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorder Foundation! New years was spent shooting fireworks and sitting around a fire pit with wonderful friends and family. Then we packed our bags and headed to Jamaica for our belated honeymoon (post to come soon).


Phew. We went fast and furious over the Christmas break, but it was the best. Anytime I get to spend extra time with Jason is a blessing. What did you all do over the holiday season?




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