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Happy Birthday, Hanny!

IMG_2425.JPGA few years ago I was lucky enough to go to my favorite team’s (Denver Broncos) football game with my bestie for the restie and some other friends. The company had messed up our tickets, so they gave us new tickets to make up for it…on the 3rd row at the 50 yard line. WHAT?! As we were all freaking out about how lucky we got with these seats, we noticed two guys come sit right in front of us and start freaking out as well. It seems they used the same company and had the same issue as us. You could tell that these guys were ultimate bros. They seemed like they had known each other for a long time and genuinely enjoyed each other. After jumping up and down hugging each other, they looked back at us and said “we aren’t gay nor are we brother, we’re just hetero-life-mates.” We all laughed but I was thinking how cool is it to have a same-sex friend who just gets you and seems to just fit? Well, thankfully I have that person AND it was her birthday this week! You all have seen how seriously I take birthdays, so the hubbs, puppies, and I drove up to Lubbock to celebrate with her on a 3-day weekend.

Hannah’s birthday weekend began with a trip to a wonderful little coffee shop in Lubbock called Sugar Browns. Lubbock is full of the best coffee spots (Yellow House, J&B, The Coffee Shop, Gold Stripe) so there is no excuse to go to Starbucks, ever. We were super stereotypical Lubbockans (Lubbockies? Lubbockanites? Lubbockorians?) and took pictures with their “Made in LBK” sign that pops up all over Intagram. We enjoyed our drinks and chatted for a couple hours. Then it was off to our favorite shopping places. Not necessarily to buy anything, but just to walk around and talk and maybe pick up an item or two. We stopped at World Market, Target, Old Navy, Odds and Ends (super cute and new to Lubbock; think Joanna Gaines Lubbock edition), Barnes and Noble, Auntie Anne’s for a lemonade and pretzel, and Chrome, which has the most fun gift ideas. PHEW. A lot of places and a lot of laughing. It was such a wonderful day of just getting to hang out again. We were roommates for about 5 years, so its weird not getting to have that everyday time anymore.

fullsizerender-43It was then time to begin hanging out with other people and celebrating with some of our closest friends and family. First stop was the best restaurant in Lubbock, La Sirena. If you have not been there and live in Lubbock 1) shame on you 2) go immediately. Their food and drinks put everyone else to shame and they have a rotating menu based on what is in season at the time (including their margaritas). We met our pseudo-moms and Jason for some happy hour appetizers and drinks. We had pablano fries, chips and queso, and the cheese board. I really wanted to order approximately 10934803294 more plates, but we “had to save room for dinner.” We also had their blood orange margarita, which is their spring (it’s hot in Texas) marg and Jason tried their mescal old fashioned, which he loved.

_DSC7618.jpgWe then scooted over to Jason’s parents house to celebrate his youngest sisters birthday. She is turning 15! It was a big day for her, not only did she have a 20+ person birthday party, she also placed 2nd at district in swimming in her first ever varsity meet! What. A. Stud. She qualified for regionals which is taking place in a couple weeks. It is always wonderful to get to celebrate with family. All of Jason’s sibilings (one brother, two sisters) were there, his parents, aunts and uncles, and many people he has known his entire life. After eating his mom’s chicken spaghetti, which is incredible, we had German chocolate cake and talked until our mouths hurt. Then it was off to another party.

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We finished the evening at Flips Bar. This is a newer bar in Lubbock that has a lot of pinball machines, board games, TVs, and a good patio. Their drinks are cheap and great, and their brunch is wonderful. Tons of friends all came to hang out and celebrate Hannah. It was so much fun getting to see all of my Lubbock peeps and stay up late pretending we were still in college. As any good Texas Tech student knows, any late night shenanigans needs to finish with the amazing street meat from Big E’s outdoor BBQ. No matter how cold it gets, you stand out and wait for a brisket or sausage BBQ wrap. It is definitely worth it.

fullsizerender-39Sunday was our lazy day. Jason and I went to church and lunch with his family, then naps were taken with the puppies. Our pups and Hannah’s pup are BFFs and always enjoy spending time together. We had the pleasure of meeting up with a one of my favorite humans in the afternoon for coffee and conversation. Then it was double daves pizza rolls, wine, movies, and sonic blasts to finish off the weekend celebration.

There is nothing better than celebrating with people who mean the world to you. God gave me the best husband in the world, but God is also smart enough to know that a male cannot possibly be everything for a female, so he gave us our girlfriends. Through celebrations and the deepest mourning, I know Hannah will always be the first to cheer or cry with me. Lubbock still contains my dearest friends and every trip there fills my heart to the fullest. Happy birthday, Hannah and Malia! Salud, l’chaim, Prost, and Cheers!


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