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Best of Lubbock – Breakfast, Brunch, & Coffee Shops

I lived in Lubbock for over 8 years as a college student, then young adult. I LOVED living there and enjoyed being able to try all the local places during that time. I often hear people complain “Lubbock only has chain restaurants” “there is nothing to do in Lubbock.” I say LIES! There is SO MUCH to do in Lubbock and there are tons of ma and pop shops to go to if you just choose to try them. I am doing a “Best of Lubbock” series that will go through some of my favorite places and things to do in Lubbock. Please comment and let me know if I missed any! Without further ado – here are my favorite breakfast, brunch, and coffee shops in Lubbock. These are in no particular order and definitely not comprehensive.


 Image result for lubbock breakfast houseImage result for market street lubbock

  • Lubbock’s Breakfast House – You better get there early on weekends because it is always packed! It is nothing fancy, but delicious.
    • Hours: Sun-Thurs 6am-10pm, Fri-Sat 24 hours
    • What I get: Turkey Benedict or Southwest Scrambler
  • Pancake House –  It would be hard to find bigger Red Raider fans than the owners. They have pictures all over the walls of Tech athletes, students, coaches and they are the nicest people. They welcome everyone with the biggest hearts and smiles.
    • Hours: Everyday 6am-230pm
    • What I get: any of their pancakes (red velvet or sweet potato) or a western omelette.
  • Market Street – I really miss Market Street. I know it is a grocery store but their breakfast is delicious
    • Hours: approx 6-10am
    • What I get: build-your-own breakfast burrito or breakfast pizza
  • Other places: Picantes, Cast Iron Grill, Burrito Tower, Rain Cafe, Apple Tree Cafe and Bakery

Brunch:(I am classifying brunch as special to the weekends)

Image result for crafthouse gastropub lubbockImage result for the west table lubbockImage result for cafe j lubbock

  •  Crafthouse Gastropub – You will see this place later on as one of my favorite places to go. Their Sunday brunch is always packed solid. They have a rotating menu and I have never had something I did not like. They also have great brunch cocktails
    • Hours: Sunday 10am-2pm
    • What I get: donut special (you HAVE to do it), donut trio, or quiche and grits
  • The West Table – They also have a rotating menu but you will never be disappointed. I have heard they have started doing a buffet that includes mimosas, so I will definitely need to try that out soon.
    • Hours: Sunday 11am-2pm
    • What I get: chicken and waffles!
  • Cafe J – they do a great job of really going for that breakfast and lunch combo. go and try multiple things. I read they are going to start doing a Saturday brunch as well.
    • Hours: Sunday 1030am-2pm
    • What I get: lobster mac n cheese, cinnamon chicken and waffles, or the french toast of the day
  • Other places: The Funky Door, Timeless Cafe, Las Brisas, Flips Tavern

Coffee Shops:

Image result for yellow house lubbockImage result for j&b coffee lubbockRelated image

PSA: I do not like coffee, so I am basing this off of their tea and atmosphere, and how much my coffee-drinking friends like it.

  • Yellow House – The staff is so friendly and it is a wonderful place to hang out. They have great pastries and serve breakfast on Saturday mornings!
    • Hours: Mon-Thurs 6am-9pm, Fri 6am-10pm, Sat 7am-10pm
    • What to get: London Fog, muffin, or one of their fancy coffees. I like it because their drinks are not too sweet.
  • J&B – One of the Lubbock staples when it comes to coffee. They are one of the biggest homework/study spots for students and have a lot of specialty drinks.
    • Hours: Mon-Sat 630am-11pm, Sun 8am-11pm
    • What to get: their tea or coffee of the day and one of their breakfast sandwich
  • Sugar Browns – The old Lubbock favorite that closed for a while and just reopened in the downtown area. It has a lot of seating, board games, and an outdoor area where they have live music.
    • Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-10pm, Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 1-10pm
    • What to get: house latte and a pastry, their peppermint hot chocolate is seasonal but delicious
  • Other places: Gold Stripe, The Coffee Shop




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