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Best of Lubbock – Lunch and Dinner

Part 2 of the Best of Lubbock series is all about the bigger meals of the day- lunch and dinner. I LOVE food. When I am hanging out with friends – we eat. When I’m on vacation – I spent my money on food. When I want to get to know people – I have them over for dinner. When I want to impress my husband – I cook a crazy meal. The Bible discusses sharing your table with people and I think people are much more open to talk, whether serious or fun, over food. This post could be super long, so I will try to limit myself…try…promise. I will also not be putting big chains on this list. I think more people need to support local. When you eat or shop local you are directly putting food on that families table at home. You are helping them pay bills, allow their kids to play ball, not just going to a big cooperation. Again, this list is not comprehensive nor is it in any specific order. I am rating these based on a price scale. The thing with Lubbock is you can pretty much wear jeans and a shirt anywhere. It is a more laid back city and it is pretty cheap cost of living. $20-30 for dinner is not SOOOO expensive, like Lubbockans believe, you should pay for the hard work and quality that the chef is trying to provide.

Cocina de La Sirena Image result for la sirena lubbock

  • The scoop: This is probably my favorite restaurant in Lubbock. Every small plate is perfection. They have a rotating menu based on what is in season. They have amazing margaritas (also have a seasonal marg) and drinks. I have never been disappointed in something I ate and if you haven’t been, definitely go!
  • Type: Latin coastal cuisine
  • $$$
  • Favorite dishes: pablano fries, stacked enchiladas, seasonal fish plate, mermaid water

West Crust Pizza Image result for west crust pizza

  • The scoop: The best pizza in Lubbock. No overwhelming crust and tons of delicious toppings. Their ‘hill country’ was voted best pizza in Texas by Texans magazine.
  • Type: Pizza
  • $$
  • Favorite dishes: veggiepottomus, hill country, the beast

Crafthouse Gastropub Image result for crafthouse gastropub

  • The scoop: seasonal menu with lots of fun dishes to try. They have a large beer menu and many gluten free and vegetarian options.
  • Type: New American
  • $$
  • Favorite dishes: texas burger, picnic chicken

The Shack Image result for the shack lubbock

  • The scoop: this place sells out so fast everyday. If you want to eat there, then you have to get there early. They also have a cool patio and a bar where they often have live music.
  • Type: BBQ
  • $
  • Favorite dishes: brisket, ribs, mac n cheese

COWamongous Image result for cowamongus lubbock

  • The scoop: this place is in the animal sciences building at Texas Tech. they use Raider Red Meats which are amazing. They have burgers based off different head coaches, killer fries, homemade ice cream, breakfast burritos, and chicken tenders.
  • Type: American grill
  • $
  • Favorite dishes: chicken tenders, fries, milkshake

Thai Pepper Image result for thai pepper lubbock

  • The scoop: this is not only one of the hardest places to get into, it is one of those places that you crave and NEED and find out its closed. They have weird hours and massive crowds, but it is so worth it. Check their hours before you go, make sure they’re not closed to visit their family in Thailand (which they do every year), or are just taking the day off.
  • Type: Thai
  • $
  • Favorite dishes: pad thai

4BarK  Image result for 4 bar k lubbock

  • the scoop: it is only open Friday for lunch. It is buffet style sausage and brisket wraps with chicken and dumplings. My freshman year at Tech, I went almost every Friday. They have live music, beers, and delicious food. It is a set price.
  • Type: BBQ/homestyle
  • $
  • Favorite dishes: it all

Hayashi Midtown Image result for hayashi midtown

  • the scoop: it is the more casual version of Hayashi Hibachi Grill. They have lunch specials and good specialty sushi. Tu/Th is 2 for $22 Sushi plates.
  • Type: hibachi, sushi
  • $$
  • Favorite dishes: BMW rolls, west texas rolls

Cast Iron Grill Image result for cast iron lubbock

  • the scoop: if you want to eat there during your lunch hour, you have to get there at 1130 or you’ll wait a long time. They have the best pies that stare at you as you wait to be seated
  • Type: homestyle
  • $$
  • Favorite dishes: PIE, country fried steak, green chili burger

Lite Bite Image result for lite bite lubbock

  • the scoop: little family-owned place with a selection of greek foods to purchase and a rug shop in the back
  • Type: greek
  • $
  • Favorite dishes: gyro, baklava

La Diosa Image result for la diosa cellars lubbock

  • the scoop: it is located right across the street from McPherson Cellars and have a lot of their wine. they also make their own sangria (we had it at our wedding). Tuesdays is $15 sangria pitchers-so you should definitely get your crew together to go.
  • Type: tapas
  • $$$
  • Favorite dishes: sangria, albondigas de madrid (meatballs), diego’s tortas, sylvana’s queso

Christaki’s  Image result for christakis lubbock

  • the scoop: this is an old, small restaurant on the east side of Lubbock. It may not look like much, but it is the best burger and fries you’ll find
  • Type: burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs
  • $
  • Favorite dishes: cheeseburger and fries

Italian Garden Image result for italian garden lubbock

  • the scoop: they make delicious italian food and its BYOB.
  • Type: italian
  • $$
  • Favorite dishes: lobster ravioli, cannoli

The Lantern Image result for the lantern lubbock

  • the scoop: they have an outdoor patio that you can take your dogs to, they have trivia night on Thursdays, and a good beer selection.
  • Type: bar food
  • $$
  • Favorite dishes: thanksgiving sliders, spinach and artichoke dip

BushHogs Image result for bush hogs lubbock

  • the scoop: new outdoor eating in south Lubbock. They allow dogs and often have live music and is BYOB.
  • Type: burgers, frito pie, sandwiches
  • $
  • Favorite dishes: the lone star frito pie, onion rings

The Funky Door Image result for the funky door lubbock

  • the scoop: wine bar. fondue. great specials. live music. really fun place to hang out with your friends
  • Type: fondue, new american, wine bar
  • $$$
  • favorite dishes: fiesta fondue, kobe burger, dessert fondue

Cagle Steaks Image result for cagle's steakhouse lubbock

  • the scoop: good steaks, side bar, and little shop next door.
  • Type: steaks and burgers
  • $$$
  • Favorite dishes: Jake steak


Where do you like to eat in Lubbock? Where did I miss?



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