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Best of Lubbock – Dessert, Drinks, & Happy Hour

There is no better time than between or after meals when you still want to get together with friends but do not want to commit to a full meal. I had a group of friends that almost every single week last summer we would meet up for happy hour somewhere and talk for approximately 4 hours and have eaten our body weight in chips and dip. oops. Here is part 3 of 4 of my Best of Lubbock series. Here is your go to for the sips and sweets in Lubbock.

Dessert: Image result for chocolate mousse pie barImage result for kurbside sweetsImage result for sugarbakers lubbock

  • Chocolate Mousse Pie Bar
    • The Scoop: you pick out your size, crust, and pie filling so its a build your own pie type deal. they also have some cheesecake and pie for purchase by the slice and have started selling some beer and wine as well! It has a cool atmosphere and they’re opening a second location.
    • What I get: oreo crust with white chocolate pie filling
  • Kurbside Sweets
    • The Scoop: This food truck posts their location on twitter and facebook each day. They serve blue bell ice cream on (or by) homemade cookies or in a float.
    • What I get: the cookie sandwich! 2 delicious cookies with ice cream in the middle. just stop.
  • Sugarbakers
    • The Scoop: Every time I go to sugarbakers, it seems like a place I will go to meet my girlfriends when I am retired. Their lunch is delicious but their pies…oh their pies.
    • What I get: key lime pie, chocolate pie, any pie.
  • Other great places: Insomnia Cookies, Blue Oasis, Bahama Bucks

Drinks: Image result for the gas light lubbockImage result for flips tavern lubbockImage result for glass half full alamo drafthouse

  • The Gas Light
    • The Scoop: When the weather is nice this is one of my favorite places to go. It overlooks a pond on its covered patio. They have lots of cocktails, beers, and wine. You can also rent out the patio for private events. Their indoor area has lots of tables and couches and chairs to hang out in with friends.
  • Flips Tavern
    • The Scoop: This is a newer bar in town that has pinball machines and lots of board games to play. They have a patio area and their drinks are cheap and delicious. They have a rotating beer menu and a fun atmosphere.
  • Glass Half Full
    • The Scoop: This is the bar in the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and it is pretty great. The first time I went in was because I was early to a movie, and went back multiple times even if I was not seeing a movie. They have rotating beer menu, friendly staff, and great beer cocktails.
  • Other great places: The Lantern, La Sirena, The West Table, La Diosa, Chimy’s, Crafthouse Gastropub, The Funky Door, Nick’s Tavern

Happy Hour: Image result for caprock cafe lubbockImage result for chuy'sImage result for la sirena  lubbock

  • Caprock Cafe
    • The Scoop: This is a Lubbock staple. It is a low key place that has a lot of TVs and is always busy. Their queso is amazing and they have some nice margaritas for cheap during happy hour. It was one block from where I lived so we often walked over to it.
  • Chuy’s
    • The Scoop: This is the only chain restaurant I will put on my top of Lubbock. Their happy hour is just too good. They have a free chips and dip and nacho bar and their drinks are on great specials.
  • La Sirena
    • The Scoop: I talked about La Sirena in the Lunch/Dinner section and I have to put it again because honestly I went to happy hour here as much if not more than anywhere else. I don’t want to brag, but the queso is pretty much on the menu because of me (still waiting for it to be called Karlyn’s Queso..but that’s just me). They have a lot of small plates, margarita and beer specials, and a great patio in the beautiful Cactus Alley.
  • Other great places: Teddy Jack’s, The Local, Hayashi Midtown, Blue Sky

Where are your  favorite places to grab dessert or grab a drink with your friends?


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