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Best of Lubbock – Things to do

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“There’s just nothing to do there”

“…it’s just so boring”

Ever heard or thought one of those thoughts about Lubbock? Well…YOU’RE WRONG AND SUCK! As a military family, we will have to prep to move to many different places including some that are small and don’t seem to have much to do, yet we have to make the best of it and find stuff to do! Lubbock metroplex has over 300,000 people living in it. It is in the top 100 cities in the US in population. If you can’t find cool things to do in Lubbock, that is your own fault. Here is a list of some awesome stuff that you can do.

  • check out lubbockintheloop.com and visitlubbock.com
    • These are the go to to see what is going on around the city. They have everything from restaurants to event calendars.
  • Moonlight Musical Image result for moonlight musicals lubbock
    • moonlight musicals casts local people and puts on a great production each summer. see all of your favorite musicals in an outdoor amphitheater where you can bring your own blanket or chairs and a cooler with a yummy dinner.
    • also keep on the lookout because they always put on a fall/spring show!
  • Texas Tech sporting event Image result for texas tech women's soccer
    • Texas Tech is one of the top school athletically in the country. Women’s soccer, men’s and women’s tennis, and track and field are consistently ranked in the top 20 in the country. football, basketball, and baseball may be the most popular, but all of the sports definitely put on a great show
  • Wineries Image result for lubbock wineries
    • the plains of West Texas are a hotbed for Texas wines. A lot of the wineries you can visit in Fredericksburg get grapes from the flat lands – 0ver 80% of Texas grapes come from the region.
    • Caprock, Llano, McPhearson, and Pheasant Ridge round out the most popular of the area wineries. All of them have tastings and host many events throughout the year including including patio nights in the summers.
  • Live music  Image result for blue light lounge lubbock
    • Almost any night of the week you can find live music in Lubbock. From restaurants to the famous Blue Light, there is a band for any taste in music playing. check out lubbock in the loop or visitlubbock.com for a lot of options.
    • Lubbock also hosts some of the largest concerts each year including: Taylor Swift, George Strait, Paul McCarthy, Elton John, Cher, James Taylor, Pitbull, Jason Aldean.
  • Museums Image result for lubbock museums
    • Buddy Holly Center, American Wind Power Center, National Ranching Heritage Center, Silent Wings Museum, Science Spectrum and Omni Theater, Museum of Texas Tech University, and more! Sadly, I have not been to all of the museums in Lubbock but I have never heard a bad thing about any of them.
  • Lubbock Lake Landmark Image result for lubbock lake landmark
    • This landmark and museum has a lot of awesome events including Night Hikes, Archaeology in Action, and fun things for the kids.
  • Seasonal Fun Image result for polar express lubbock
    • make sure to look into some events that are seasonal, but a ton of fun. Each year there is a giant corn maize, polar express train, Candlelight at the Ranch, farmer’s markets, Carol of the Lights, fair and rodeo and yoga in the park are some of many.
  • Cactus Theater Image result for cactus theater lubbock
    • Originally opening in 1938, Cactus theater holds many local and national bands and singers each year. They put on a lot of tribute concerts, and show small films.
  • First Friday Art Trail and LHUCA Image result for first friday art trail lubbock
    • the first friday of each month Lubbock focuses on the arts. You can bus or walk around downtown looking at tons of art exibits, grab wine or snacks, and hang out with friends. One of the main places to go to is the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts that put on tons of art showings throughout the year. They also have classes you can take and I have been to a dinner show there as well.
  • Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater Image result for drive in theater lubbock
    • pack up a car, grab a picnic dinner, and head out to the drive in. They have three screens, each with two showings each night. It is not only a lot of fun, but with such great weather most of the year, it is awesome to enjoy it. (Fun Fact: Jason took me here on our first date-awww).
  • Caprock Canyon or Palo Duro Canyon Image result for palo duro canyon
    • take the short drive up to caprock or the 90 mile drive up to palo duro to hike, bike, and camp through the canyons. It is beyond beautiful and there are trails for all levels of hikers.
  • Rodeo Image result for rodeo lubbock
    • each year Lubbock hosts many rodeos. Even if you have never been to one or do not think you’d be interested- you still need to go. Between the bull riding and the mutton bustin (little kids holding onto a sheep with all their might) it is a lot of fun to watch
  • Mackenzie Park Image result for mackenzie park lubbock
    • disc golf, prairie dog town, beautiful trails, Joyland, American Windmill Museum, horse trails, and a golf course…phew.
  • Buffalo Springs Lake Image result for buffalo springs lake lubbock tx
    • they have trails where you can bike or take your pup for a hike, you can camp, watch a movie over the lake, kids fishing tournaments, fireworks, hot air balloon fest, and cookoffs. It’s easy to get to and have a lot of events going on throughout the year.

I know I probably missed many wonderful things, but I tried to cover a lot of things that I know to be fun. What do you love to do in Lubbock?


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