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If you have known me or kept up with my blog, you know that I ran 1000 miles last year in order to raise money for the Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorder Foundation. One of my closest friends and favorites families (the Mungers) have two kids who were born with this rare genetic disorder. This rare disorder effects two main areas of the brain. The cerebellar vermis, which  controls balance and coordination, and the brain stem, which is what connects your brain to your spinal cord and controls pretty much every movement you do. I am not going to go into the specifics too much because 1) so little is known about this disease and 2) it effects each person so differently. The important things to know are that all the people who have it are absolute rock stars in their perseverance and hard work to do simple movements that we do not even think about each day. IMG_7057.JPGEvery single day people with Joubert Syndrome are working to get stronger and learn how to use their muscles (including eyes, mouth, etc) better–they are working to be STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY! The Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Foundation is working to get more research done in order to help the families that are living with this disorder. Right now most information families have on it is simply by asking other families about their experiences. They also put on a convention every 2 years where they bring families together in order to learn, help, support, and bond with each other. When the Munger family went for the first time, they were overwhelmed with how helpful and hopeful it was for them to meet and see all these other families who are going through similar situations as them.

Last year we made a pretty awesome Texas-themed shirt that is incredibly soft and made almost $3000 that went straight to the Foundation. The money we raise goes directly to help research and help families who cannot afford to get to the convention. This year we are looking to do even better! We have had almost double the shirts made from last year and are doing both t-shirts and tank tops. Not only do they look great, but they are that American Apparel super-soft fabric that automatically becomes your favorite shirt.


Here is all the info for the shirts and how to get one (or 10)!


  • color: black
  • Sizes: kids S-L, adult S-XXL
  • price: $20 if you can pick-up or $25 and we will ship it to you

Tank Tops:

  • color: white
  • sizes: adult S-XL
  • price: $20 if you can pick-up or $25 and we will ship it to you

Contact me or Katie or Larry Munger via phone, email, text, private message, however you can, and let us know how many and what sizes you want! We accept payments via cash, check, paypal, or venmo! We will give you the specifics for payment when you order. Again, every cent of profit goes directly to the Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorder Foundation, so buy some for friends! Let’s all be STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY and help that become a reality for all of the people living with rare disorders and diseases!


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